Puntland Minister of Ports and Sea Transportation

Wadaagsan LLC Company (WSC) is an indigenous investment company jointly owned by business leaders and professionals which represents a strong shareholder base with expertise and capabilities in the construction and infrastructure development industry and in the marine and shipping services. The corporate headquarter is situated at Galkacayo, Puntland, Somalia.

Puntland Minister of Ports and Sea Transportation, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Osman (Manjiino) visits under construction Garacad Commercial and Fishing Port. Places visited include site of crusher and concrete batch plants and sea breakwater area.


The state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure at Garacad Sea Port will be the result of extensive contribution from some of the best consultants in the business from across the world.


  • Amal Plaza Building, Floor 3
  • Suite 121 – 122, Galkayo, Mudug
  • Puntland, Somalia.

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  • Email: info@garacadseaport.com