Assignment:Short term Consultancy to Review and Translate Existing Guidelines
Client:Wadaagsan LLC
Duty station:Galkaio, Puntland
Duration: 14 Days
Supervisor:CEO of  Wadaagsan LLC


Wadaagsan Company LLC (WC), is the developer of Garacad Port, the first privately funded port facility in Somalia. Established in 2016, WCL is an indigenous Ports Development Company which represents a strong shareholder base with extensive expertise and capabilities in the construction and infrastructure development industry. The Company headquarter is situated at Iftin Plaza, Galkacyo, Puntland, Somalia.

The company is currently engaged in building modern port in the region to develop specialized marine services, logistical facilities and port operations skill and expertise. The official name of the ongoing project isGaracad Fishing and Commercial Port project” funded and implemented by Wadaagsan LLC on a BOOT based concession. Garacad Commercial and Fishing Port is projected to positively turn the economic tide for Puntland, Central Regions of Somalia and Eastern Ethiopia due to its excellent strategic location as a gateway for import/export services for the rich and various natural resources of the region. Our ultimate goal is to develop modern port infrastructure and transit corridor with quality, reliable, and sustainable strategy focusing on economic growth and job creation for the unemployed youth.

WADAAGSAN COMPANY LTD is looking for a qualified consultant who will engage the company on a short term employment basis with the specific assignment of reviewing and translating its existing financial, Human Resource Management and Procurement Guidelines. The consultant will further train the employees of the company on the materials developed after authorization of the BoD. Specific Assignment of the Consultant will be:

  • To Review operational management guidelines namely: Human Resource Management, Procurement Financial Guidelines
  • To Review case studies of similar business models, focusing on successful PPP Port management policies.
  • To Translations of the above mentioned three operational policy documents
  • To Train the company employees on the materials developed after the BoD approves.

Period of engagement:

The review and translation of the guidelines assignment should be completed within 2 weeks from the date of signing of the award of contract.

Qualification Requirements:

  • The translation Consultant should have a minimum of 7 years of experience in technical translation in multiple sectors and various clients.
  • Expertise with translation of policy documents and texts on operational management policies; Previous experience in translations for similar work in Somalia would be an asset.
  • Technical competencies and qualifications of the proposed consultant should be demonstrated, including CV.
  • Proven ability and capacity to deliver translations to meet tight deadlines.
  • Proof of previous similar assignments.

Technical Evaluation Criteria:

  • Qualification and experience (40%);
  • Track record of successful completion of past assignments (30%);
  • Financial bid (10%);
  • Willingness and flexibility to work within the required deadline (20%).


As part of the consultant selection process, the best candidates will be requested to prepare an inception report and make a presentation of the same to the Wadaagsin Management Team to inform the final decision on award of the contract.

Only short listed will be contacted.

How to Apply

Send your CV and Application documents to the following email address:

Wargelin kusocota Hantiilayaasha Shirkada

Waxaa dhamaan hantilayaasha shirkada wadaagsan iyo macaamisha ku wargalinaynaa inay marka hore ka raali ahaadaan xog la aanta howlaha socda ee shirkada, maadaama aan howl culus kujirney oo ay kamid tahay in xafiisyada shirkada loo raray xarun cusub oo shirkadu ku shaqeyn doonto hada kadib inshalaah, Hada wixi ka kadambeeya xariiradu waxay ahaanayaan sida hoos kuqoran:

NOfficeContact personTell&whatsappEmail
1Office of marketing and customer careAhmed
2Finance issuesM. abdi
3All board info and shares issuesAbdikadir sagaarWtsp+252907755879

Prepared by:

Ahmed Sahal.

Head of Marketing office.

Golaha dhaqanka, ganacsato, iyo siyaasiyiinta beesha Habar Gidir oo kulan la qaatay wafti uu hogaaminayo Islaan Bashiir iyo Gud. Warsame.

Kulan wax wada qabsi nabadeed iyo mid ganacsi ayaa dhex maray wafti uu hogaaminayo Islaan Bashiir Islaan Cabdile, Gud. Shirkadda Wadaagsan ee Dakadda Garacad Warsame Axmed Shido, iyo xubno ka tirsan boorka Dakadda Garacad oo daraf ah iyo golaha dhaqanka, ganacsato iyo siyaasiyiinta beesha Habar Gidir. Shirkan ayaa si wanaagsan ugu qabsoomay magaalada Muqdisho taariikhdu markay ahayd 19 January, 2019.