About Us


This project entails the construction of a port at Garacad coastal town. This private venture was undertaken with the approval of the government and will open up the central Somalia regions and eastern Ethiopia for smooth trade with the rest of the world, especially with the Gulf countries.


  • To become a leading company not only in Somalia but also in the region.

  • To construct a preferred sea port in the horn of Africa region in terms of cargo handling.

  • To open the Central Regions of Somalia and South Eastern Ethiopia for easy and accessible trade with the outside world especially the Gulf countries and Far East Asia.

To become a pioneering, smart and outstanding organization, which is a sought – after livestock export, and exploiting the rich marine resources and minerals of the area in which we operate.


Establish a port at Garacad which will serve the central Somalia regions and eastern Ethiopia and, thereby enhance the export of livestock within these regions to other countries, making the livestock industry more profitable and the residents self-sufficient.
Provide easy access to food imports from the outside world. This will allow food to be less expensive and thereby enhance food security in the region which is plagued by droughts and famine.
Provide easy access to other materials such as construction materials and materials for development of different sectors such as agriculture and transport leading to the development of the region.


  1. This project is located in GARACAD, 700 KM from Mogadishu, and 920 KM from Bosaso and 1400KM from Berbera (coastal distance) and is the deepest port(-12M).
  2. The capacity of the port is calculated as 3,500,000 tons per year -which is much higher than demand.
  3. An expansion area has been allocated covering nearly 100,000 m² reserve area, specifically for container operations.
  4. Project covers a storage expansion area of 125,000 m2, 925M access road and 1150M of Breakwater.
  5. This port can accommodate 2 cargo ships of 10,000 DWT (2×750 containers 20’)/25,000 DWT.